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For some, deciding to work with a trainer can be life changing, in many ways. It can motivate you in all areas of life because you feel better about yourself. I can show you how to manage your weight and how to eat healthily. I can give you the tools to get rid of bad habits and form new positive ones and I can give you a new self confidence to enjoy taking care of your mental and physical health

If you want to learn more about my clients’ past and current experiences and the amazing results they’ve achieved, you can hear it straight from them. Check out some of their testimonials below!

David is turning my couch-potato shape back to the leaner me that's been lurking underneath a chubby, enlarging exterior for a good ten years.  Once I'd retired, I pottered and used the car more and more for even short journeys.  After ten years of retirement, I had a wardrobe full of clothes I couldn't decently get into and my overall health was certainly heading downhill


My wife urged (nagged?) me to do something about it.  Happenstance brought to our front door a lady who'd that day been to fitness training.  Our ears pricked up.  Of course, turns out it was with David Harris.  We made contact and joined up for 5 sessions.  Best move we could have made.


In under 4 months, I've dropped a stone, lost several inches around the waist, put some muscle mass back on arms and legs.  Not yet a Charles Atlas, but this man Harris is a godsend to me.  He's smart, knows his onions, and doesn't take phone calls during our sessions.  He's given me back renewed confidence in my body (as well as into some of the unworn wardrobe mentioned earlier).  I feel so much better for my investment in his training.


I've just turned 78, enjoy David's training enormously, and would strongly recommend him to any doubters who aren't sure about personal training.  You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

I've loved every minute of working with David, and it would be no exaggeration to say it's changed my life. I say I've loved every moment because I mean the highs AND the lows. Each shapes us, and it's a constant learning curve. But when you have someone walking that path with you, encouraging you but also gently pushing you further than you thought you could, that combination can be very powerful.


We're all searching for The Fix, The Answer, The Diet, but thanks to David I now see so clearly that it's an ongoing quest, and his uniquely relaxed yet firm coaxing has been in integral force in my journey. I've never stuck to a plan for so long, and I feel like this is my new modus operandi, for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, David, and see you soon for the next chapter!


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