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What People Are Saying

For some, deciding to work with a trainer can be life changing, in many ways. It can motivate you in all areas of life because you feel better about yourself.


You will learn how to manage your weight and how to eat healthily. I can give you the tools to get rid of bad habits.

Losing weight and getting fitter can give you a new self confidence.

If you want to learn more about my clients’ past and current experiences and their results they’ve achieved, you can hear it straight from them. Check out some of their testimonials below!

My PT sessions with David were provided by the law firm that I work for. 

I have been going to the gym for a couple of years and had stopped seeing progress some time ago. What David Has taught me is invaluable. He has educated me with regards to diet and nutrition and what a massive difference it has made to my progresse. 

I now understand how to lift weights correctly with good form and the results are starting to show. I am getting stronger and toned and I love that I can see a new me emerging. 

David has a way of motivating me in and outside of the sessions. I like the accountability as it keeps me focused. 

The sessions with David are much more valuable than a gym membership. 


Deepa Patel 

I've loved every minute of working with David, and it would be no exaggeration to say it's changed my life. I say I've loved every moment because I mean the highs AND the lows. Each shapes us, and it's a constant learning curve. But when you have someone walking that path with you, encouraging you but also gently pushing you further than you thought you could, that combination can be very powerful.


We're all searching for The Fix, The Answer, The Diet, but thanks to David I now see so clearly that it's an ongoing quest, and his uniquely relaxed yet firm coaxing has been in integral force in my journey. I've never stuck to a plan for so long, and I feel like this is my new modus operandi, for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, David, and see you soon for the next chapter!

Richard Fox

David is turning my couch-potato shape back to the leaner me that's been lurking underneath a chubby, enlarging exterior for a good ten years.  Once I'd retired, I pottered and used the car more and more for even short journeys.  After ten years of retirement, I had a wardrobe full of clothes I couldn't decently get into and my overall health was certainly heading downhill


My wife urged (nagged?) me to do something about it.  Happenstance brought to our front door a lady who'd that day been to fitness training.  Our ears pricked up.  Of course, turns out it was with David Harris.  We made contact and joined up for 5 sessions.  Best move we could have made.


In under 4 months, I've dropped a stone, lost several inches around the waist, put some muscle mass back on arms and legs.  Not yet a Charles Atlas, but this man Harris is a godsend to me.  He's smart, knows his onions, and doesn't take phone calls during our sessions.  He's given me back renewed confidence in my body (as well as into some of the unworn wardrobe mentioned earlier).  I feel so much better for my investment in his training.


I've just turned 78, enjoy David's training enormously, and would strongly recommend him to any doubters who aren't sure about personal training.  You have nothing to lose and all to gain.


I started training with David about 18 months ago because I was losing muscle tone and core strength. I also had a simple fall and broke my ankle which is when the doctor told me that they had tested my bone density and it was very low to the point of onset osteoporosis.  The only way to go about improving this was to start lifting weights safely and effectively and work with a trainer so I found David, who has motivated me to keep going and taught me how to weight train safely.

It’s hard work but the results are well worth it. 

David pushes me but his approach is very subtle.  Each session is different so it's never boring – I do everything from boxing to weights and squats and lunges!  I now have muscles in my legs and my ‘bingo wings’ have gone too!  My body shape has changed significantly and at age 64, I'm toned and fit. 


 I am so much stronger and my bone density has improved significantly as I have just been re-tested and I feel really fit, confident and happy.


After years of wasting gym memberships by not going and starting and failing to lose weight and get the body I have always wanted, I sought out a PT and came across David's website.


After contacting David by e-mail, he called me and we discussed what I wanted to achieve. I told him that I have always wanted a lean muscular athletic physique. He didn't laugh! He told me what I would have to do and asked if I was ready to put in that level of commitment. I told him that I was ready. 


That was 8 months ago. I initially lost a stone but then I started to gain weight, in muscle. My waist shrunk and my body was showing muscle tone that I've never seen before. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I love the training process and taking control of my body and what goes into it. My confidence and well being has improved so much and everyone remarks on how good I am looking.

David is a great trainer and motivator and his knowledge is extensive in both diet and nutrition and training routines.


 I really look forward to our sessions. 


I have been working with David for some months now. I didn't feel very confident exercising on my own and I hated the thought of joining a gym.


 David is very patient and a great teacher. He really has helped me to transform my body and my outlook on myself, diet and exercise. 


I honestly never thought that I could look and feel the way I do now.


Without sounding to gushy, I'm so lucky to be working with David. He's a fantastic trainer and really nice guy. He made me feel completely at ease from the moment I contacted him 3 years ago and I have not looked back. I am in a place both mentally and physically that I never really thought that I would ever be. I'm slim, fit and toned and I have learnt so much about diet and nutrition. I'm a very happy girl.


For the first time in my life, I feel fit and confident to take my kids swimming and to take my shirt off at the beach. My wife said I have never looked so good!


 I was never any good at sports at school so working with a PT was a tough decision to make, but I should not have worried. David has this knack of gently getting me to do things I never thought I would. He is so enthusiastic and he clearly lives the fitness lifestyle.


 I now have the body I never thought I would have. It's made me want to improve my strength and fitness even further (one day I might even get that six pack!)  and my diet has been transformed with David's help.

 Good bye middle aged spread and Hello slim toned stomach!


I was very anxious about working with a Personal Trainer and it took me a long time to do something about it. David was recommended to me by a friends husband so I gave David a call.


 I wish that I had made that call a long time ago because David instantly put me at ease, and that was just over the phone.


 I train with David twice a week and I love my sessions. I have lost a stone and a half in 6 weeks (after years of yoyo dieting) but most of all, I have self confidence for the first time in years.


 I am also pretty fit and there is muscle tone showing which I really never thought I would see. 

Bring on this summer's holiday and that new Bikini!


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