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I have been involved in the fitness and wellness industry for over 30 years so you could say that it's my passion in life. I also love to help people by educating them on diet and exercise and by finding out just what motivates them and how to incorporate a good healthy diet and exercise into their daily lives.

 I have previously worked in the corporate sector in Management but nothing gives me the buzz of working with a client and taking what could be a life changing journey.

Living a healthy lifestyle begins with the right mindset and the decision improve your lifestyle by maintaining a well-balanced diet and a strong fit body.

I totally understand how life's pressures and commitments can seemingly make it feel impossible to fit exercise into an already hectic schedule, but it is possible,I do it myself and it's important to your physical and mental health 

I know that most of you reading this will have at some point in your life, tried a fad diet or exercise programme that didn't work. Maybe you've tried many diets over the years and have been left with the feeling it's never going to work.


So much money is spent on gym memberships that you either never use or you just go and do the same thing (not really sure what you are doing and you make some progress but then plateau) With a gym membership there is no diet or nutritional support, no consequence. If you decide to train with me, you will have a fully qualified professional who understands the way the body works and that not one size fits all. I will be by your side, motivating you to ensure your workouts are productive but also enjoyable.


Many people fail at weight loss as they lack the knowledge or realisation of their daily calorie consumption. I will help you to achieve a balanced diet. I would realistically expect a client with 4 stone (48lb) to lose to achieve this in 6- 7 months at a cost of £45 per week. No fad diets, just a sustainable change of lifestyle.


This is not a quick fix because quick fixes don't work! But education and motivation does!




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