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David Harris - Personal Trainer

Online Personal Training

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Online Personal Training

If you want to lose weight and get fitter or if you are recovering from an operation or childbirth, or if you have just made a decision to get fitter despite past efforts AND you don’t like the gym environment or simply don't have the time to get to a gym, online personal training sessions are a perfect way to educate and motivate you and help you achieve your goals.

Some personal trainers offer on-line personal training via an app where you log your details, and they give you videos to complete with no live interaction at all. Sure, it’s a great way to make easy money but you can watch a video on YouTube for free and download an app to keep track of weight etc!!

What I offer is vastly different...

You will have a 'live' one-to-one session with me. I will already know everything about your health, fitness, medical conditions, likes and dislikes  because I will go through a consultation with you and I will teach you good form so that you don’t get injured and ensuring that you get the results that you want as quickly as possible.


I will motivate you and change it up so that you keep progressing and never get bored, and keep you accountable to keep you on track.


I can do all of this even if you have absolutely no equipment and without you leaving your own home, and at a time that works for you. 

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