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Elderly Woman at Gym

Personal Training

Senior Fitness


Why is it really important for elderly people to keep active?

As we get older, health becomes the most pressing priority for many of us and I believe in being proactive rather than reactive.


Regular activity is vital for the mental AND physical benefits of fitness. For me, I find that the mental benefits are actually just as important as the physical. Older clients tend to experience issues such as loneliness and lower confidence and personal training can help to combat both of these. There is a clear link, as cited by increasing medical and scientific research, that exercise helps to slow down both mental and physical decline. I will focus not only on helping your body to feel strong, but also your confidence and mind.

When designing a fitness programme for senior clients, what are my top three most important considerations?

  1. Age is just a number! 70 means nothing in this day and age. It is important to understand your fitness levels as thoroughly as possible, e.g. history of fitness. If you have always remained highly active then you will of course have a different fitness ability to another individual who has not trained before. I will not make assumptions, I will gather the facts!

  2. I won't push you beyond your comfort level during the programme. You can very gradually intensify your exercises but senior fitness is not about exhausting you. I will take account of your limitations and make your session enjoyable.

  3. I'll ask you to inform your Doctor if you need it! At the early stages of designing your programme I will be gathering research and asking questions, and if I feel something has not been fully answered, then I'' suggest you ask for medical approval. Your GP will make us aware of anything we need to know!


What type of exercises do I tend to focus on when designing your senior fitness personal training sessions?

Senior clients face two major challenges that need to be addressed. As we age, we will experience reduced bone density and age related muscle loss (Atrophy). To help counteract this, it is important to focus on strengthening exercises. We can use body weight, resistance bands and light weights as these are highly effective at getting you stronger.

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